Soundings Seminar with Darryl Ford

08/20/2020 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM ET


  • Free




Have you heard the term "anti-racist" a lot in recent weeks and wondered how it relates to your Christian faith?  Are you curious about the difference between being a "non-racist" and an "anti-racist," and the impact that difference might have on your life?

If you've been asking these or related questions, we hope you will consider joining us for an opportunity to listen, learn, and discuss a topic that is critically relevant to our present moment.

Bill Haley and Darryl Ford of Ikon Community Church in Atlanta, GA will have a conversation followed by Q&A about the idea of Anti-Racism as an essential tenet of American Discipleship. Darryl is a long-time friend of Coracle and recently spoke during our Juneteenth "Lament for Racial Injustice" (you can watch his remarks here starting at 4:40).

Please register for this event and we will provide the meeting information in the days leading up to the seminar.